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Another custom order, it’s the venerable Commodore PET professional computer – you know it’s a pro because it had 32kB of memory (in 1979, that was quite a bit, you pesky kids).

This is the 2001N model – the first to have a real keyboard and boosted RAM (up from 8KB in the original 2001 model). Available in the Rabbit Engineering online store.

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Time for a new mini machine! This is the venerable Amiga A1000, the first in the famous line of Commodore 16 bit machines. Thanks to the guys at Amiga Club Hamburg for the idea. This one comes in two versions – one with the famous Deluxe Paint ‘Venus’ on the screen, and the other with good old Workbench 1.0.\


You can order one from the Rabbit Engineering online store.

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10 months after the prototype was completed, and three concentrated months of product development, the Model G1 is now available to order. We’ve sold two already!

It’s quite a lot of work taking a prototype to a state where you can sell it – improving the design for better manufacturability, deciding what needs to go into the manual, deciding on packaging, setting the price, marketing – it’s an exhausting list. And I’m sure that lots of interesting hiccups are still waiting around the corner 🙂 Click here to go to the details page, and order one if you like!

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