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Overnight it dropped to below freezing, and it stayed there. This led to the top layer of snow to freeze over into a crunchy layer – and then this morning, it snowed for hours. We are now at 5.5 to 6 inches, with a layer of ice in the middle. This gives you a crunchy effect when you walk. And it kills power lines (230,000 people have lost power) and brings down trees (one person was killed by a falling tree). The governor has declared a state of emergency for the entire state. They are forecasting no more snow, but as it melts, they predict flooding.

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No update for Tuesday, because it was a bit of a bust. In the morning, most of the snow had gone, so I went to work. At noon, it started snowing quite a bit, so I started driving home – as did everyone else. It took almost 45 minutes to drive what is normally a 10 minute drive. It was snowing in earnest, and I was having some trouble with traction on starting. I stopped for petrol, and had trouble getting through the snow on the pavement, and the windscreen wipers were going full speed.  Then, I went home, which is 0.9 miles (measured) away. There was no snow at all at home. Amazing. What a difference 0.9 miles makes.

And so it continued – none of the promised snow appeared. The temperature crept towards 40. Disappointed, I went to bed.

Something must have happened overnight, because when I got up at 8 there was two inches of snow on the ground, and it was snowing quite nicely.  It continued snowing a little all day, and we ended up with about 4 inches on the ground. Temperatures held around 32, so it is all quite crunchy and icy. Looks like another snow day tomorrow, when it is due to start raining, which should clean it all up.

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We are in the middle of a bad (for this part of the world) set of winter storms. Yesterday we got about 2 inches of snow, and very low temperatures overnight that added ice to everything. I (and most people), worked from home. They are saying up to 7 more inches will be dumped between now and Wednesday morning, so let’s see. Some pics of the house:

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Found this in the Eastside yellow pages:

Click for more sizes (if you dare)

Yes, relax in the comfortable atmosphere generated by this bizarre human-pinniped hybrid. But it has a nice smile.

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Intended to be a symbol of the progress made in space travel and the future such technology might bring, The Space Needle turns 50.

The Seattle Times has a gallery of historical photos.

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The new Boeing 747-8i has completed its first flight about 10 minutes ago. Here is the landing (taken from the live webcast):

The flight lasted about four and a half hours. It flew from Payne field (in Everett, WA), West to East across Washington state, did stability and control tests near Spokane, WA, and returned to Boeing Field in Seattle. Here is the route and speed/altitude profiles from Flightaware.com:

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Joe Sutter, chief project engineer for the original 747-100 program, was on hand to greet the pilots on their arrival. At one day short of 90 years old, he still contributes to the 747 program as a consulting engineer. To commemorate his more than 40 years contribution to the program, the nose gear doors of this airplane bore his initials JFS:

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Finally! The renovations are done, and the park is open – they did a pretty good job on it. It’s a great place to catch a glimpse of three of my favourite kinds of things: Classic seaplanes, ducks, and geese.

Thanks to Seattle Daily Photo blog for pointing out the park reopened.

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